Cloud from the Top: Benefits of Cloud ERP for Small Business test

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Technology has ushered in better and more efficient ways of doing business. We can send files from anywhere to anywhere in the world, and data collection that once took hours can now be done in seconds.

Manual tools such as bookkeeping records and traditional spreadsheets are no longer de rigueur—most businesses have switched to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to automate their processes, and many have found that their ERP systems become even more robust when deployed in the cloud. Conglomerates and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) have found that cloud-based ERP offers multiple benefits, including reduced costs, scalability, and improved level of security.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t just take it from us. To further illustrate how beneficial cloud ERP is, let’s look at three SMEs from around the world: Baldinger Bakery, Living Proof, and Coffice. They have moved their ERP applications to the cloud and haven’t looked back or gone down since.

Baldinger Bakery: Improving manufacturing and distribution

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