Personalised Medicine: Unleash the Power of Health Data Test

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For healthcare organisations, digitisation opens a world of new opportunities to generate and deliver value. The era of unparalleled digital connection is offering everyone—patient, healthcare professional, and provider—greater access to health information, and driving monumental innovations in medical research and technology. One of the most important areas digital healthcare is unlocking is a personalised approach to healthcare, or personalised medicine.

How personalised medicine is changing the game

In most typical situations, without the ability to predict an individual’s treatment success for most conditions, clinicians are pushed to follow a non-optimal trial-and-error approach in prescribing treatment options. For example, a patient with consistent high blood pressure symptoms might be placed on one of several blood pressure drugs based on generic information. Drugs are developed and tested for the average patient with a particular disease.

But most of us aren’t average. So if the medication does not work after a while, the patient might be switched to another medication. This approach can lead to adverse drug responses and patient dissatisfaction, or worse, more serious health outcomes.


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Personalised medicine unlocks the value of patient data to take into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles. This allows researchers and healthcare providers to take the guesswork out of R&D and healthcare decisions, and improve patient care and patient experiences. It also enables healthcare professionals to compare a combination of drugs for specific genomic profiles, increase research quality, safety, and efficiency as well as reduce costs and eliminate waste.

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