Asian Innovators Summit 2017
It's Time. Digitise.

Asian Innovators Summit 2017 has been a tremendous success with over 1,400 business leaders who joined us across 6 cities in Southeast Asia.




About The Asian Innovators Summit 2017

Asian Innovators Summit (AIS) is the premier platform for family conglomerates, the public sector, and various industry players to network and gain valuable insights on how the latest technology and solutions help them with their innovation agenda.

In our second year, AIS 2017 was held across six countries in Southeast Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia in August. Working with the theme, “It’s Time. Digitise,” AIS 2017 featured experts and leading speakers in a series of sessions for SAP partners and their customers. Over 1,400 business leaders, customers, and industry experts attended the event across the region.

One of the AIS 2017 highlights was the release of the SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study, a global research initiative supported by Oxford Economics. We also unveiled our SAP Leonardo digital innovation system, which is a suite of solutions that cover everything from Big Data, Big Data analytics, blockchain technology, the Internet of Things, and machine learning.

Through the AIS 2017 Experience Zone, we also put the spotlight on a number of equipment and solutions showing the benefits of digitisation—from the use of smart equipment to the elaborate digital infrastructure. Industry experts and thought leaders were able to explain to AIS 2017 participants how these technologies have helped them in their digital transformation.

Indeed, it was a tremendously meaningful and successful event, and we thank everyone who have made it so!