Make Innovation a Habit...

Having tasted the sweet fruits of innovation, get used to it. Keep your finger on the pulse of the fast-evolving trends and rapidly-developing technologies affecting your business. Be constantly on the prowl for the next innovation, knowing that SAP will be there with you - ​Every Step of the Way​.

Setting the Stage for Digital Growth

Create Customer-Driven Supply Networks To Enable Innovative…

by Chong Mock Seng

Here are ways to effectively optimise the supply chain for omnichannel commerce.

The Digital Future of Higher Education (Part II)

by Andy David

Universities of the future represent a community and an ecosystem that transcend traditional boundaries. Here are some…

The Digital Future of Consumer Products

by Jim Cook

The digital age has fundamentally shifted customer and consumer expectations. Consumers increasingly value outcomes over…

Physical Stores Still Relevant Despite Rise in E-Commerce

by Chong Mock Seng

Physical stores that survive well into the future will change how they operate and service their customers.